July 21, 2006


I'm with Cal. I've been meaning to go through the forum and post links to the various photo collections, but have just been too busy at work. So if you're a contributor to this blog and have some, get posting, ya heard?

Here are mine.


July 20, 2006

Wake Up Peeps!


This place is dead as hell. Lets get the party started again.

June 17, 2006

It was too much tequila, period.

That's all I'm going to say. Thanks to everyone that cleaned me up and got me out of there. Senor "el Diablo" Cuervo hit me in the back of the head with a 2x4 when I wasn't expecting it.

But anyway, please post your thoughts on the conference, your photos (I may come to regret saying that, but there it is, go for it). I apologize to anyone I offended or stole the panties of...*Ahem* let's just say Amy's belong in the Howie Hall of Fame now. ;-)

I've got a bunch of photos to post, it's just late tonight, I'll probably get to them early this week. But here are a few highlights:

"The ring-hugger"
"Go hug a monk"
"Did you see Amy?"
"Did you hear Cal?"
"Dave, wake up!"


June 12, 2006

Hitting the Road

The time is now, 6:11 AM (very AM) and after this is post and before my computer would have a chance to finish shutting down I will be out the door and on my way. My ETA will be about 2 pm from Nor Cal to Vegas Baby.

See you soon. (let's hope there are no CHP following me)

June 08, 2006

Looking Good

The weather in Las Vegas is looking nice and hot (hopefully not too hot).

For those of you travelling into sin city on the holy day (Sunday, for those who are athiest or otherwise not interested in religion), we will have a bright sunny day with a high of 98 and the temperature shouldn't drop below 74 for those midnight swimmers.

Monday and Tuesday we can expect a cold snap of 96 (I appologize to anyone from Alaska, there is still no chance of snow forcasted at this time). There may be a stray cloud or two on Monday, but the locals will have the shadow ropped off and selling tickets for 10 minutes to stand in the shade. Good news is the low is only to be expected to be 73.

Wednesday we will be able to break out of the cold snap and reach a high of 99 and a slightly higher low of 74. However, the temperature is expected to break all the records on the Mandalay dance floor.

For the HOWies mass exodus (or running from the law for the unruly Wednesday night party) we can expect a high of 98. If you are running from the law, I would suggest the evening where the low is 77, but watch out for those midnight swimmers because they will probably be out in force tonight (being the warmest night of the conference).

Friday, you are on your own. It is expected to be a whopping 100 degrees and I am not expected to be there, unless the 1,000,000 to 1 odds that I hit a jackpot of $327.34 or more actually happens (even then I am cashing out and headed back to sunny California).


Cheers to Eighth Avenue Dave for creating this site. A lot of useful info and arrangements have been exchanged through it in only a couple of weeks, and it's because of that man ... over there ... in Baltimore.

And we'll also get to see the true worth of this joint in a couple of weeks (or less) once the photos start rolling in.

Kudos, good sir!

June 07, 2006

Where are you stayin?

So this thing is coming quick and I am very excited to meet my HOWies in Vegas, I also want to thank eithave for this blogsite. Anyhow I will be staying at the Rio during my time there cause that is just where I generally stay in Vegas when I am there. Also for those of you flying in, when you get a cab make sure the cabbie does not take the long way to the strip, if he goes through a long tunnel he has taken the long way. A trip from the airport to the opposite end of the strip should cost you no more then $20 or so and if you are closer to the airport around $8. Ok just a 5 more days, see you guys there.

HOWie T-Shirt

OK, so I guess I have an obsession with t-shirts. I love wearing them. Oh yeah, and I'm a HOWie. So here's what I'm gonna wear:

Anyone else want one? I'm going to get them printed Thursday. I'm going to use a sharpie to fill in my "username".

tee hee, I'm so silly....

June 06, 2006

Sunday Night Meet-up

Hi Gang,

This topic has been brought up a few times on the forum, so I thought I'd post here to get the conversation going.

Seems many folks are going to be coming in on Sunday (Including myself, but not until evening). So where do you want to hook up? I'd suggest a pool-side gathering, but A. you can only get in there if you are staying at MB, and B. With temps predicted to be over 100°, it might be a tad uncomfortable. Dry heat or not, that's HOT!

So, please chime in with suggestions.

I have two, what you do after that is up to you. But, just for distinct meeting places, in MB, you can meet at Lenin's headless statue. You'll be in the middle of all the ultra-lounges and restaurants, or there's a level up from the main floor at the Luxor. The entrance to the IMAX movie is up there and some other stuff. It's not the most happening place, but it's not mad-busy like the casino, so it would be easy to recognize people. Have fun, though!